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Helldivers 2 community rallies behind wholesome hero after a remorseful villain kicks them, giving rise to Super Earth’s new battlecry: ‘im frend’



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Helldivers 2 players have added a new deity to their ever-evolving lore—joining the pantheon alongside the almighty Joel, his loki-like doppelganger, and the betrayer deity GantzTheDemon. This latest addition is more innocent and wholesome by half: the big-hearted dremskiy, who wants you to know one thing: “im frend”. 

It all begins in a set of screenshots that went viral, capturing a harrowing kick from a Super Destroyer. It’s an interaction that’s so sincerely written out by the two players involved—made all the funnier and authentic for the spelling errors, so I’m going to leave them in, including the immediate misspelling of dremskiy’s name.

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