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Hades 2’s Olympus-sized first patch introduces the quality of life fix we’ve been begging for



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Hades 2 is already well worth playing in early access, but it’s still a game we should expect to change a ton as more features get added and player feedback keeps rolling in. Just over a week after the game’s early access launch, we now have our first patch, and it’s a big one.

Hades 2 places a big emphasis on gathering resources during each run in order to unlock new features and conversations back at The Crossroads⁠—you don’t just get useful stuff as combat rewards or at merchants anymore. Right at launch, you had to equip the appropriate gathering tool to see its respective resource on a run, meaning that you could only acquire one type of resource on any given run. That’s a bit of a drag when you’re just starting out in the game and practically everything needs upgrading.

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