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Hades 2 will be getting the first of many patches later this month, as Supergiant starts brewing quality-of-life changes to resource gathering and movement in its cauldron



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Hades 2 released into early access earlier this month—and it’s been doing gangbusters, unsurprisingly. Supergiant has a sterling reputation behind it, with so much industry heft to every step it takes that other indie devs have already leapt out of the way of the game’s early access, considered a quasi-‘shadow drop’. 

I’ve apparently already sunk close to 30 hours into this thing (I just checked the stats now, and I’m left wondering when exactly that happened). I’ve beat Chronos up enough to wonder how many lessons I have to teach an old man, and I’m pretty content with what I’ve seen so far. Supergiant, however, seems to feel it can improve the game’s baseline mechanics before it really gets cooking on new content.

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