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Hades 2 first patch tunes resource gathering and dashing later this month



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Developer Supergiant Games is preparing its first patch for the Early Access of Hades 2, which will include new changes and address issues later in May. The pre-patch notes are live, and not quite as illuminating as you’d maybe like. But Supergiant plans to drop all the details when the date arrives.

Hades 2 has been in Early Access for about a week, with the developer tweaking the game here and there with minor hotfixes. The upcoming patch should notably be larger, as the studio announced its upcoming due date in a Steam community note earlier today. It’ll likely be the first of many regular patches for the game, but not necessarily a major one. Much of the game is still being worked on, but it just released so don’t expect to see new Regions or weapons yet.

The first patch for Hades 2 addresses dashing concerns

The first Hades 2 Early Access patch is focused on two aspects of the game: Resource gathering and navigation. According to the team, Supergiant doesn’t want “resource gathering to feel too frustrating, such as if you didn’t bring the right gathering tool along for the ride.” The studio also plans to change how Melinoë’s Dash and Sprint functions, so she’ll feel more “nimble” and “responsive” during combat.

hades 2 first patch - dashing and resource gathering
Image via Supergiant Games

Personally, I haven’t had too many issues with either concern. There are multiple tools to use in Hades 2, and taking one down into the depths or onto the surface is a progression choice. Do I need Bronze today? Better bring the pick. I’m speculating that perhaps an upcoming change will allow you to swap tools between Regions. Sprinting and dashing also feel fine to me, but I will admit it took me a while to figure out that you hold Dash to continue Sprinting. I’m a professional.

As for when these updates arrive, Supergiant Games hasn’t set a date yet, but it does say this first patch should be coming sometime later this month.

Supergiant is also looking into balance changes, but isn’t ready to implement them with this first patch. Instead, it’s asking players to continue playing the game and sending feedback. Some of the items the studio will soon begin tweaking include boons, enemies, weapons, and more.

hades 2 first patch - feedback needed
Image via Supergiant Games

The company mentions there will be a small hotfix after the upcoming patch, with a Major Update arriving “some months from now.” As part of the developer’s content roadmap, the Major Update will include “various new features and content.”

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