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Hades 2 door symbols, explained



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As you travel to Regions beyond the Crossroads in Hades 2, you grow stronger by claiming rewards just beyond locked doors. It helps to know what’s waiting, so here are all the door symbols of Hades 2 and what they mean.

There are many rewards to earn in Hades 2, and you can get a good idea of which ones are which by the symbols on doors. Some show you godly boons, while others contain resources used for trade or to unlock new game features. If you don’t know what that weird hammer does, or if that skull symbol really is bad news, scroll below to find out.

All Hades 2 door symbols

Knowing what’s beyond a door in Hades 2 is ideal for creating a build that can last you to the end of your journey. You don’t want to just load up on pomegranates, delicious flavor notwithstanding. Check below for the door symbols, which should help you choose your future path.

Hades 2 door symbols boons
Screenshot by Destructoid

Godly Boons

Doors containing Boons are adorned with the sigil of the deity. The example above is a blue trident, indicating to you that a Boon of Poseidon is rewarded beyond. Other sigils can be a lightning bolt, a pink heart, a flame, etc. More than a dozen gods await, and they are more than happy to lend you their aid.

Hades 2 door symbols ash
Screenshot by Destructoid


Ash is a reagent in Hades 2 and a common reward for completing Encounters (fights with enemies) but is incredibly useful. A primary use of Ash is to unlock and upgrade Arcana Cards at the Altar of Ashes. Find out more by checking out our guide on Arcana Cards.

Hades 2 door symbols psyche
Screenshot by Destructoid


Like Ash, Psyche is both a common reward for clearing Encounters and used at the Altar of Ashes. You can spend Psyche to increase the amount of Grasp you have, which allows you to equip even more Arcana Cards. Find out more here.

Hades 2 door symbols gold coins
Screenshot by Destructoid

Gold Coins

Gold Coins can be exchanged for goods, services, and many peanuts in Hades 2. When you have enough, seek out Charon and buy something at his shop. Spending 1,000 Gold Coins can also earn you a special reward from Charon, so be sure to hoard as much as you can. Gold cannot be taken out of Regions (levels), so spend as much as you can before returning to the Crossroads.

Hades 2 door symbols charon's shop
Screenshot by Destructoid

Charon’s Shop

The bag with the skull icon indicates that Charon’s Shop is just beyond the door. Usually, you don’t have to clear an Encounter before spending your coins. It’s wise to only go to the shop once you have enough cash on hand, otherwise you’ll waste the reward. I recommend avoiding the shop until you have at least 150 Gold Coins to spend.

Centaur Heart

Hades 2 door symbols heart
Screenshot by Destructoid

Centaur Hearts gives you a small, permanent increase to your Life while also slightly healing you. Live longer and be stronger by gathering some of these items early in your run.

Hades 2 door symbols bones
Screenshot by Destructoid


Bones are the currency of the Wretched Broker. Once you unlock the Broker’s shop, you can spend Bones on materials and other useful items.

Hades 2 door symbols magic pot
Screenshot by Destructoid

Magic Upgrade

The magic bottle gives you a small, permanent increase to your magic supply. It’s an important upgrade, especially since many builds rely so much on using Special attacks that use magic.

Hades 2 door symbols hammer
Screenshot by Destructoid

Daedalus Hammer

The Daedalus Hammer is a powerful artifact that offers one upgrade to your weapon. It allows you to change how your weapon behaves, offering upgrades that include giving your weapon a double-strike, increased power for Special attacks, higher attack speed, and more. Each weapon has a unique set of upgrades, as well. The Daedalus Hammer is one of the highest-tier rewards in the game and can easily make your run.

Hades 2 door symbols nectar
Screenshot by Destructoid


Ah, Nectar, the sweet social lubricant of Hades. Nectar allows you to begin relationships with the many characters of Hades 2. Doing so may reward you in their Keepsakes, useful tools that give you passive buffs. Each relationship is also something akin to a side story, making Nectar something you should seek out if you want to deepen the bond between Melinoë and her allies. Nectar can also be used to unlock features in the game, so you should get some just for that reason alone.

Hades 2 door symbols selene sigil
Screenshot by Destructoid

Gifts of the Moon/Path of Stars

The silver crescent moon is the sigil of Selene, Titaness and personification of the moon. She’s also cool as hell, so I suggest meeting her as soon as possible. Selene offers you a choice among three Gifts of the Moon, special abilities that can turn the tide of any fight. Afterward, activating her icon will put you on the Path of Stars, a way to upgrade that Gift even further. It’s a powerful boon that you should claim early in your run, that way you can take advantage of the upgrades. Find out more by following our guide.

Hades 2 door symbols NPC encounter
Screenshot by Destructoid

NPC Encounter

Behind the doors with the two downturned hands with the chat symbol is a friendly NPC encounter. NPCs in Hades 2 offer you gifts that may help you on your journey. One will give you useful upgrades, and another has resources to spare. You can also offer them Nectar, and they’ll gift you a Keepsake in return.

Hades 2 door symbols chaos floor door
Screenshot by Destructoid

The Primordial Chaos

The Primordial Chaos is a character found in both Hades and Hades 2. They’re the ancient originator, both mysterious and somewhat aloof. Chaos offers you Chaos Boons, which are different than godly Boons. Chaos Boons put you under a curse that lifts after a certain set of Encounters or Locations. Chaos doors are special, in that they appear on the floor, separate from the other doors. They also require you to spend a small amount of health to enter. Choosing a Chaos Door means sacrificing the other two, so choose well.

Hades 2 door symbols skull icon
Screenshot by Destructoid

Warden Doors

The doors with the small, white skull icons represent Wardens, the mini-bosses of a Region. Defeating the Warden will award you with the sigil seen on the door.

Hades 2 door symbols guardian door
Screenshot by Destructoid

The boss of a Region is called a Warden, and most of the time they wait behind doors showing the reward they offer after being vanquished. These are rare materials, but exceptionally useful in the game. You cannot progress without them, but, thankfully, there’s no avoiding collecting them either.

Hades 2 door symbols down arrow
Screenshot by Destructoid

Arrow Doors

Doors with an arrow pointing forward or down indicate a door that leads you to the next area. These can appear between Regions, for example.

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