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Genshin Impact Iridescence Tour event guide



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The Iridescent Arataki Rockin’ for Life Tour de Force of Awesomeness is the flagship event for Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact. Since this is a multi-part event, here are some tips to quickly breeze through each activity and earn all rewards, including the 4-star character Gorou.

To start the event, complete the associated quest. You should have received it automatically when you logged in. Head over to Watatsumi Island and engage in some dialogue to unlock the Iridescence Tour event activities.

The Iridescence Tour event lasts until May 27, 2024. Be sure to complete it and claim all of your rewards by then!

Iridescence Tour event menu in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Destructoid

Xtreme Carnival Ensemble

The Xtreme Carnival Ensemble is the rhythm game portion of the Iridescence Tour event. There are seven stages in total. You’ll need to attain at least 80% accuracy on Pro mode to earn all rewards. Here are some tips that might help make it easier:

Use Cascade mode. Open the Settings menu in the upper right side of the event screen. Under the Basic menu, select Interface Styles and tweak things to your preferences. We found Cascade mode the easiest to see.

Interface Styles menu from the Iridescence Tour event in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Destructoid

It’s easier on mobile. If you have a phone or tablet capable of running Genshin Impact, and you’re having trouble with the keyboard or controller inputs, try playing the rhythm game stages on a mobile device. The stages are designed for two thumbs, and the touchscreen is a more intuitive interface for a game like this.

Trillion Trinket Trawl

The Trillion Trinket Trawl is a series of open-world objectives. Here’s everything you’ll need to do and how to get them done quickly.

  1. Defeat three types of Ruin machines. Teleport to the south teleporter in Araumi on Narukami Island. Glide north and defeat the dormant Ruin Hunter at the top of the cliff. Glide down to the east and defeat the dormant Ruin Grader.  Finally, defeat one of the three triangular Ruin Cruisers patrolling the Araumi area. If you stay near where the Ruin Grader was, they should eventually make their way to you.
    • Aloy glides over a Ruin Hunter in Genshin Impact
  2. Defeat two types of Primal Constructs. Teleport to the entrance of The Mausoleum of King Deshret in the Sumeru desert. There are two Primal Constructs just inside the mausoleum. Defeating both of them counts toward this objective.
  3. Defeat three types of Clockwork Meka. Teleport to the teleporter northeast of the Central Laboratory Ruins in the northernmost region of Fontaine. There are two Meks on the shore to the south. Defeat them and follow the beach to the west to find two more Meks. As long as you defeat three different types, this objective is complete.
    • Map of a few mek locations in Genshin Impact
  4. Photograph two types of birds. Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in the Liffey region of Fontaine. There’s a red finch and a blue finch right when you spawn in. Don’t move; just pull out your Kamera from your Paimon menu and snap two photos of the birds. The Kamera gadget will not work; you must use the Kamera from your Paimon menu.
  5. Photograph two types of dogs. Teleport to the Adventurer’s Guild in the Court of Fontaine. Follow the street around to the southeast, and you’ll find two dressed-up poodles on the right side of the road. Snap a photo of them through your Paimon menu (not the Kamera gadget!).
  6. Photograph two types of cats. Teleport to Asase Shrine on Seirai Island in Inazuma. There are plenty of cats here. Photograph two cats with different colors using the Kamera in your Paimon menu.
  7. Gather three Sango Pearls. Teleport to the north teleporter on Watatsumi Island. Glide south and drop down to a series of small waterfalls. There are several Sango Pearls at the base of the falls.
  8. Gather three Starconches. Teleport to the Domain of Guyun in Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue. Head west to find three Starconches sitting on the beach.
    • Map of three Starconch locations in Genshin Impact
  9. Gather three different green plants. Teleport to the Statue of the Seven at Windrise in Mondstadt. There’s a Mint to the left of where you spawn in, several Windwheel Asters scattered around, and some Calla Lilies on the riverbank.

A Meeting of Melodies

These are a series of music note puzzles where you must select the correct notes to finish the melody. Notes can be one of three clefs: treble (𝄞), alto (𝄡), and bass (𝄢). The answers to each puzzle are below.

Stage Note 1 Note 2 Note 3 Note 4
Twilight’s Glow Nocturne 1:
Alto 𝄡 mi Alto 𝄡 mi Alto 𝄡 do Alto 𝄡 la
Twilight’s Glow Nocturne 2:
A Harmonious Rest
Treble 𝄞 do Alto 𝄡 so Alto 𝄡 la
Twilight’s Glow Nocturne 3:
Dream Aria
Alto 𝄡 si Alto 𝄡 la Alto 𝄡 so Alto 𝄡 re
Evening Breeze Serenade 1:
Clear Sky over Liyue
Alto 𝄡 re Alto 𝄡 re Bass 𝄢 la Alto 𝄡 do
Evening Breeze Serenade 2:
Above the Sea of Clouds
Alto 𝄡 fa Treble 𝄞 re Treble 𝄞 do Alto 𝄡 la
Evening Breeze Serenade 3:
Le Souvenir avec le crepuscule
Alto 𝄡 mi Alto 𝄡 re Alto 𝄡 so Bass 𝄢 si
Ballad of the First Light 1:
Dawn Winery Theme
Alto 𝄡 la Alto 𝄡 so Alto 𝄡 fa Alto 𝄡 re
Ballad of the First Light 2:
Ripples of Daydream
Alto 𝄡 so Alto 𝄡 mi Treble 𝄞 do Alto 𝄡 si
Ballad of the First Light 3:
For Riddles, for Wonders
Alto 𝄡 do Alto 𝄡 la Alto 𝄡 mi

Venue Decorations

Completing various objectives in Trillion Trinket Trawl and A Meeting of Melodies will unlock various venue decorations. Just do the open-world tasks and music note puzzles, report back to Dvorak, and ask to decorate the venue. Unlocking more decorations progresses the event story.

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