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Fresh rumours claim Nvidia’s next-gen Blackwell cards won’t have a wider memory bus or more VRAM—apart from the RTX 5090



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Nvidia’s keynote speech at Computex 2024 contained nothing about its next generation of GeForce graphics cards. So, for the time being, we’re left to browse through the usual sources of leaks and rumours to build a picture of what’s coming. The latest of which suggests that the RTX 5090 will be using a 512-bit wide memory bus, but the rest will be the same as in the current RTX 40-series.

The source of said rumour is Kopite7kimi on X, who has a pretty good reputation for making accurate predictions and statements about future developments in GPUs. In a recent post, the leaker set down the memory configurations for the five Blackwell GPU variants expected to be launched later this year (though some of them may not be announced until 2025).

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