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Fortnite teases new Battle Bus as old one gets crushed by a real-life monster truck – Destructoid



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We’ve seen Epic Games destroy plenty of buildings, vehicles, and even islands in Fortnite over the years, but the developer took things a step further by crushing a real-life Battle Bus with a monster truck, teasing that a new version would arrive in-game.

With Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3 set to release on Friday, May 24, we’re already expecting plenty of new items and cosmetics, fueled by the announcement of the Fallout crossover. Nobody had mentioned a new Battle Bus, however, that seems to be on the horizon too.

In a clip tweeted out by the official Fortnite X account, you can see the Battle Bus parked in the middle of the Monster Jam World Finals, which took place on Saturday, May 18. We then see a giant monster truck fly over a jump and clear the purple vehicle, flipping over as it landed.

Unfortunately for the Battle Bus, however, there was no escape from destruction, with a second truck soaring over the jump and landing right on top of the modified school bus, crushing it like it wasn’t even there. Awesome.

An awesome clip by its own merit, the caption with it was what got Fortnite fans’ tongues wagging, reading: “Might be a new bus in town.” With the Fallout crossover coming, many have speculated that it could be the return of the Armored Battle Bus from Chapter 3 to match the Power Armor seen in the game and Amazon Prime show.

Of course, this could also have been just a cool thing that Epic decided to do, but having the release date of the new season on the LED screens around the stadium seems like an obvious nod to a new update. What it’ll look like remains unknown, but I for one can’t wait to see it.

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