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Diablo 4 is finally the phenomenal action RPG I wanted it to be



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You’re not supposed to defeat a boss 20 levels higher than you in most RPGs, let alone Diablo 4. I just did, alongside an army of skeletons, in its most pivotal season yet. It wasn’t particularly hard to pull off, but it would’ve taken a game-breaking exploit to do it a year ago. Diablo 4 season 4—and its massive list of permanent changes to the game—has finally made it into the action RPG I’d always hoped it would be.

There are 10,000 lines of patch notes to read if you want, but the gist of the update is that every class is exponentially more flexible than they were before. Necromancers have long suffered a life with skeletal minions who fall apart as soon as you enter a room. Now, they’re effectively wearing the same armor as you are, which has made them so powerful that I’ve pulled a speedrunner move and sequence-broke the normal route through the game.

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