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Destiny 2 The Recluse god roll guide: Best perks, barrels, and magazines



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Once upon a time, The Recluse was the best primary weapon in Destiny 2. Its signature perk, Master of Arms, was so powerful that it became one of the main reasons weapon sunsetting happened back in the Beyond Light days. It was an iconic part of the Forsaken era, and thus an obvious choice for Bungie to reissue with the Into the Light update. It now joins the Brave Arsenal with an extra origin perk attached, so is it even more powerful than before?

Well… not really, no. Its perk, Master of Arms, has been nerfed down to a 15% damage buff—making it one of the lower damage perks in the game. It’s very easy to activate—proccing off a kill with any weapon—but it offers the same damage bump as Frenzy, only without the extra reload or handling buffs. Given that, there are actually better god rolls out there for Recluse, including Into the Light’s new weapon perk Desperate Measures. Here are the god rolls to look out for.

The Recluse PvE god roll

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel, Corkscrew Rifling, Smallbore
  • Magazine: Appended Mag, Armor-Piercing Rounds, Flared Magwell
  • 3rd Column: Subsistence or Repulsor Brace
  • 4th Column: Desperate Measures
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