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DayZ’s upcoming arctic expansion will let you freeze, burn, starve, and get eaten by zombies all at once



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Marquee zombie survival shooter DayZ has a new expansion coming this fall, its first in nearly five years. DayZ Frostline will introduce the frigid new Sakhal archipelago, a sprawling 83km² map—that’s about 32 square miles of frigid islands and volcanic peaks. A debut trailer and screenshots show off industrial facilities, mines, pipelines, and oil derricks in tundra environments. Those same shots, however, are interspersed with steaming sulfurous pools, volcano cones, and rugged rocky shorelines.

The snowy, chilly terrain will certainly be a change from DayZ’s default setting, with much harsher climate to contend with and prepare for being a central theme in how Frostline is being described. There are new creatures to hunt, of course—reindeer, arctic hares, and wolves feature in the screenshots—and zombies, I imagine, don’t care nearly as much about the cold. 

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