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DayZ Frostline brings survival shooter to the winter wonderland this fall



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Bohemia Interactive revealed today that the second-ever expansion for DayZ, titled DayZ Frostline will be headed to Steam this fall. The frosty-themed expansion brings players to the icy Sakhal archipelago, a snowy landscape that offers both beauty and danger.

DayZ Frostline spans a map over 80 km2, featuring thick forests, frozen lakes, and a landscape blanketed in snow. Alongside the wintery terrain, Frostline also introduces new survival mechanics requiring players to find warmth while managing their resources. Players will have to explore structures and landmarks to scavenge for supplies to survive while also uncovering the secrets of the archipelago.

Other new environmental hazards will threaten players as they try to create a life near warmer volcanic areas around the archipelago, which creates a unique challenge. Players familiar with the existing form of DayZ will also notice new diseases that must be dealt with as well as an enhanced fishing mechanic to assist with food supplies.

DayZ Frostline hits PC via Steam in Fall 2024.

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