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After completing the first harrowing chapter in Sucker for Love: Date to Die For, you’ll find yourself in a different kind of horror game. Taking a page from Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, Billie the cultist roams the ancestral home of protagonist Stardust. This makes getting each ending tricky, but fret not, as I’ve got you covered. Here’s each path and how to get its ending.

How to get every ending in Sucker for Love: Date to Die For, Chapter 2 (House of Whacks!)

Good End

  • Start
    • Chapter 2 picks up where Chapter 1 left off. Stardust will be awoken in the bookstore by the Odd Bookseller. She’ll hand you Rhok’zan’s book and reveal some disturbing information before sending you on your way.
  • Arrived at House
    • On the way to your ancestral home, things are different. Namely, Nanni isn’t around any longer.
    • Go to your room on the second floor and perform the ‘Summon the All-Mother’ ritual.
      • Oh, put a pin in that, as the cultists captured Stardust. Thankfully, she rolls a Nat 20 on Intimidation, and the Large Cultist tells the others to leave.
        For the duration of Chapter 2, you must avoid being captured by the roaming Large Cultist.
    • With arrangements made, proceed with the aforementioned ritual.
  • Perform the ‘Epicurean Feast’ ritual
    • Collect the green meat and blood-filled bowl from the dining room.
    • Collect the strawberry milk from the kitchen.
    • Once you’ve collected the ingredients, Billie will begin her hunt. There are a couple of tricks to avoiding her.
      • Listen for the banging of her metal bat. Thanks to some excellent sound design, you’ll be able to gauge her proximity. Alternatively, pay attention to the subtitles which give the same approximation.
      • Like with the cultists in Chapter 1, slowly open the doors to check for Billie. Should you spot her, back away and try another door.
      • Once you hear or see the “Bloodthirsty Growl” subtitle, Billie is on top of you. Quickly move to another room lest she cave Stardust’s skull in.
    • Avoid Billie and head back to your room on the second floor.
  • Met Aunty Nyan Nyan
    • Once you reach the second floor, you’ll meet the first recurring character from Sucker for Love: First Date, Nyanlathotep.
    • She points out the tally marks on the baseboard representing each of your deaths. Feel free to spray her with the mister if you’re inclined.
  • Regroup with Rhok’zan
    • Speak with Rhok’zan in your room and uncover the next ritual.
  • Perform the ‘Wild Evolution’ ritual
    • To perform the ‘Wild Evolution’ ritual, you’ll need to shotgun some blood from the beating Heart of the Woods.
    • Head to the crawlspace, avoiding Billie, and drink from the red heart. It should be the one on the left.
    • Head back to your room and recite the incantation.
  • Perform the ‘Beguiling Melody’ ritual
    • Go to the TV room on the first floor.
    • This next part is tricky as the noise from the TV will attract Billie and you must chant three times.
      • If you’re quick and have a steady hand, it is possible to rapid-fire the chants and beat feet back to your room.
      • The safer alternative is to perform a chant or two and then leave the room. Circle around Billie as she roams and go back to the TV and finish chanting.
  • Perform the ‘Labyrinthine Roots’ ritual
    • Go to the balcony of the restroom on the second floor.
    • Face away from the woods and chant.
    • Backtrack through the bathroom; you’ll end up in the TV room.
    • Take the door into the next room. There won’t be a door immediately present. Spin around a few times; one will appear.
    • After going through that door, you’ll be in a darkened hallway. Keep moving forward until you see Billie. Turn around when you spot her and move in the opposite direction. This pattern will repeat a few times until you spot a window to your room.
    • Jump into your room and chant.
  • Perform the ‘Uproot: Heartburn’ ritual
    • Go to the Heart of the Woods in the crawl space and chant.
    • With the woods on fire, it’s time to make your escape.

True End

Screenshot by Destructoid

It’s really easy to miss True End for Chapter 2. This path plays exactly the same up to the point where you’re ready to perform the ‘Uprooted: Heartburn’ ritual.

  • Best Billie
    • Leave your room and inspect the tally marks Aunty Nyan Nyan showed you earlier. This formulates a plan for winning over Billie.
    • Wait in that spot until Billie comes upstairs.
    • After explaining things, Billie will agree to Stardust’s terms.
  • Perform the ‘Uproot: Heartburn’ ritual
    • Go to the Heart of the Woods in the crawl space and chant.
    • With the woods on fire, it’s time to make your escape.
    • Once you’re back upstairs, Billie will be shot and you’re on your own. Head to the front door.
    • Once you reach the front door, Buck will make another appearance before the stinger for Chapter 999 plays.

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