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Can you wake up Hypnos in Hades 2? – Destructoid



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As is tradition, Supergiant Games has stuffed Hades 2 with interesting NPCs and interesting dialogue. Of major interest to players is sleepy-headed Hypnos, who can be found napping to the right of Hecate’s cauldron at The Crossroads.

Hypnos is a returning character from Hades 2, and looks extremely comfortable curled up in his red cloak, strewn in a hammock, and enjoying some rest. He has been asleep since the events of the last game, and was actually brought by Hecate to The Crossroads after Cronos decided to take over Hades. Of course, you will be curious whether it is possible to rouse Hynos from his slumber, so we have the answers you need.

Can you wake up Hypnos?

Hypnos sleeping in Hades 2
Screenshot by Destructoid

At the moment, it is not possible to wake up Hypnos in Hades 2. Known as “Sleep Incarnate”, he is true to his title and refuses to fully wake, no matter what you do. Should you speak to him he will remain asleep, and even if you give him a gift, you cannot wake him as he will just mumble at you a little. There doesn’t appear to be much reason to give him such gifts right now, so you might as well hold on to them for a while, or give them to other characters to gain Keepsakes.

Hypnos in Hades 2 is a little different to how he was first shown in the original game. It’s hard to know if this will change dramatically over the course of early access, but Hypnos was one of the very first NPCs we met in the first game. His job was to meet people who made their way to Hades, but would often be asleep on the job. This time around, they are deep in a slumber that we cannot wake them from. It seems likely that it will be our job to wake them up, or we will hit a point in the story as the game develops that will see him wake up on his own.

The first time you speak to him, Melinoë will express a desire to wake him up, so you can bet it is on the cards, one way or another. An interesting piece of information is that Hypnos and Nemesis are actually brother and sister, so you can expect some fun interactions from them when the time comes. I’ll be playing Hades 2 religiously throughout the early access period, and shall return to this article to update it as soon as there is a way to get lazy Hypnos out of bed.

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