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Bungie continues recent streak of Ws by making most Destiny 2 expansions free to everyone



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The Dread are a new faction of enemies coming in The Final Shape. Probably best to gear up before facing these spindly jokers. (Image credit: Bungie)

It’s a long-running adage among Destiny fans that Bungie does its best work when its back is against the wall. That will be of little comfort to those laid off last October at the same time as The Final Shape expansion was delayed, but as I noted last month the studio does seem to have entered one of its ‘we’re so back’ eras. 

The new Onslaught horde mode, and its Brave weapon loot, has brought grinders back in droves. The Pantheon boss rush event is also proving popular, with raid virgins popping their cherries and hardcore teams targeting the hardest version for bragging rights. Hell, we even got new PvP maps this week!

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