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Biggest team ever working on new Battlefield game, CEO says he’s played it already – Destructoid



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EA CEO Andrew Wilson has revealed that the “largest team in franchise history” is working on the next installment of Battlefield, and he “couldn’t be more excited” after trying the game for himself.

Wilson discussed the upcoming Battlefield game in EA’s quarterly earnings call on May 7, explaining that the development team has “listened to the community, have learned valuable lessons, and are driving to the future,” following the negative reviews for Battlefield 2042 at launch.

With Motive Studios, who worked on Star Wars: Squadrons and the 2023 Dead Space remake, joining up with DICE to work on the next addition to the legendary FPS franchise, there are now more people working on the franchise than ever before.

A Battlefield 2042 character, wearing a skull mask, running while holding a gun.
Battlefield 2042 launched to negative reviews from the community. Image via DICE

While we’re not expecting a new Battlefield game until 2025 at the earliest, Wilson’s reveal that he was able to play at least part of the game is good news. With a reveal rumored for this year, DICE and Motion have clearly been hard at work, the CEO is happy with where things are going.

“I’ve just spent a whole bunch of time with the collective Battlefield team playing what they’re building,” he stated. “It is going to be another tremendous live service.”

The next Battlefield title feels like an important moment in the series, especially after the negative reception that Battlefield 2042 received from players. The game launched with lots of bugs that made playing the game a miserable experience, while the decision to include cosmetics that erred on the side of wacky went down like a lead balloon with the community at large, who accused DICE of trying to be like Call of Duty rather than a realistic alternative.

With CoD riding high after the success of Modern Warfare 3, XDefiant now finally launching, and Counter-Strike 2 dominating the Steam charts, there’s definitely a feeling of “last chance saloon” around Battlefield. Wilson thinks they’re on the right track.

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