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Remember the burst assault rifle Warzone meta from a few years back? People were using the M16 and AUG like it was nobody’s business. Fortunately, their incredibly high damage output was nerfed into the ground, leaving us with a few fairly useless weapons for a long time. However, a new conversion kit turns the M16 into a fully automatic assault rifle. Here’s how to build the automatic M16 loadout for Warzone, which also received a buff recently.

How to get the JAK Patriot conversion kit for the M16

First and foremost, you’ll need to unlock the JAK Patriot conversion kit for the M16 assault rifle. Without it, the gun isn’t viable in Warzone. The fastest way to unlock it is by focusing on the weekly challenges in multiplayer. However, if you don’t own Modern Warfare 3 or just don’t want to play regular multiplayer, there are weekly challenges for Warzone and Zombies game modes too.

Simply complete five of the eight available weekly challenges for the current week (6) of Season 3. Once you’ve done that, the JAK Patriot will be available when you go to create an M16 loadout.

Best fully automatic M16 loadout

Once you’ve equipped the JAK Patriot, the other attachments are ones you might know by now. Many meta-builds for guns use similar attachments, as they’re significantly better than others. However, the best full-auto M16 class uses an alternate ammunition type, which is unusual. You can also swap out the under barrel for an optic if you don’t like the iron sights, as the recoil isn’t too bad.

  • Casus Brake Muzzle
  • 5.56 High Velocity Ammunition
  • Bruen Pivot Vertical Grip Under Barrel
  • 60 Round Magazine
  • JAK Patriot Conversion Kit

Community testing has found this version of the M16 to be one of the fastest time-to-kill assault rifles in Warzone right now. The DG-58 LSW is still the absolute meta, but the full-auto M16 is a close competitor for the first time in a long time.

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