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Best Rhino Prime build in Warframe



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Rhino Prime is a must-have Warframe if you’re all about tanking and making a build that can withstand anything thrown at you. If you want something that you can take into the toughest modes out there like Deep Archimedea, the Circuit, or Steel Path stuff, check what we have cooking.

By the way, this build is also applicable to the normal Rhino Warframe if you don’t have access to Relics or want to dish out money to buy him.

Best Rhino Prime build in Warframe

To get this Rhino Prime build started, you’re going to focus heavily on ability duration, ability strength, and armor. So, use this setup with maxed-out mods:

Aura: Growing Power

Exilus: Power Drift

  • Blind Rage
  • Primed Continuity
  • Narrow Minded
  • Umbral Fiber
  • Augur Message
  • Amar’s Hatred
  • Augur Secrets
  • Umbral Intensify

Arcanes: Molt Augmented, Arcane Energize, or Arcane Guardian

With this build setup, your ability duration will be at 278% and your strength at 353%. Do not mind the Efficiency or Range since this will be all about tanking and huge damage buffs to weapons. Your armor will be at 1,189 which will be important for survival.

You will mostly be using Iron Skin first, which gives you nearly 15,000 Overguard health. That value can be higher depending on how much damage you absorb during the invincibility part. This will prevent you from being knocked down or taking status effects.

The high armor will be useful for giving you more Overguard points during Iron Skin. It can also help you take a few hits from high-level enemies if you find yourself without the Skin on or without shield gating. 

With the skin active, you want to pop your Roar and your Nourish ability, which will be explained below.

Warframe Rhino Prime
Screenshot by Destructoid

Best Subsume ability for Rhino Prime

The best subsume ability for Rhino Prime would be Nourish. Since this is a duration and strength build, this will be affected greatly by this setup. You’ll be double-dipping into damage buffs for yourself since you’re using this alongside Roar.

Ideally, you want to replace Rhino Charge or Rhino Stomp for this ability.

Best Archon Shard setup 

The best Archon Shard setup to use for Rhino Prime is to use a mix of Crimson and Azure Shards. Use the Azure shards for the Armor stat and use the Crimson ones for Ability Strength. 

The armor boost helps strengthen the potency of your Iron Skin while the Ability Strength one will boost every other ability.

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