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Best Frost Mage talents, build, and gear for Dragonflight Season 4 – Destructoid



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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 4 brings back many challenging dungeons into the Mythic+ rotation along with new Awakened Raids. Frost Mages have some of the best utility options against trash mobs and can be a game-changer in any PvE scenario. Here are the best talent choices and gear to make your Frost Mage build freeze the hottest foes across all PvE content.

Best Frost Mage talent build in WoW: Dragonflight Season 4 (PvE)

world of warcraft dragonflight season 4 frost mage talent tree
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To import this quickly, copy the text below. In game, open your talent window, and click on the loadout drop-down menu. Select import, and then paste this text: BAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIJIFNkEJpIgkERERSCAAQCJSIJJJJSSSSkEAAAAAAAAAICA

Frost Mages have a powerful tier set in season 4 and will have a blast casting Glacial Spikes to explode frozen foes throughout all forms of content.  The talent tree contains a balance between utility and damage which can be adjusted to adapt to any Mythic+ affixes or to fill in any roles that your group may require. Talents such as Spellsteal and Remove Curse can be replaced if your group doesn’t need additional dispels or curse cleanses.

On the Frost side of things, the tree is built around maximizing the chance of freezing enemies in order for all of your spells to benefit from Shatter. Thanks to the 2-piece bonus from the Frost Mage tier set, Glacial Spikes will explode when Shattering frozen enemies which not only looks awesome, but cements Frost Mage as one of the best AoE classes to deal with large packs of enemies.

Best Frost Mage gear in WoW: Dragonflight Season 4 (PvE)

The Hailstones talent scales tremendously when focusing on Mastery. For this reason, Frost Mages will want to prioritize the following stats: Mastery > Critical Strike > Haste > Versatility

Keep these stats in mind while you grind Antique Bronze Bullions or Awakened Raids for the best in slot (BiS) PvE gear that’s listed below. There are many alternatives that you’ll acquire along the way that will make for a smoother progression throughout WoW: Dragonflight Season 4. 

* Can be purchased with Antique Bronze Bullion

You’ll want to focus on getting your 4-piece class set bonuses from the Wayward Chronomancer’s Clockwork set since this will be the focus of your core DPS rotation. 

The Whispering Incarnate Icon trinket is best when grouped with a healer and tank who are also running it to benefit from the Infusion bonus it can provide from players infused with other elements. Otherwise, Tome of Unstable Power (The Azure Vault) would be considered the optimal alternative. 

For gems, using Keen Neltharite (+49 Mastery & +23 Haste) in all sockets is the most cost-effective option. If you’re low on gold, gems should be one of the last purchases that you make as enchants are far more impactful.

Season 4 of Dragonflight is one of the easiest times for any class to gear up and chase the BiS items. With the introduction of Ancient Bronze Bullion, you can acquire some of the most sought-after items without being subjected to RNG in raids. Remember that as a Frost Mage, the utility you bring to Mythic+ or Raids is as important as the DPS you do, so adjust your talents as needed and coordinate utility spells with your group.

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