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Echoes make up the lifeblood of a character’s build in Wuthering Waves. They are the roots of a well-built character thanks to the inherent stats they come with, but the best Echos all have abilities that set them apart from their peers.

Strongest Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Every Echo in Wuthering Waves comes with its own unique ability that is meant to be weaved into combat seamlessly, as they effectively become an extra skill for you to press while fighting. The best ones provide some level of utility, a moment of safety, or considerable damage, making them the ideal ones to hunt for. The following view on the best Echos comes from my extensive experience playing the last Closed Beta event for Wuthering Waves. The power of these Echos is, therefore, subject to change once the game has been fully released. You have been warned.

Impermanence Heron

The Impermanence Heron was widely considered to be the best Echo in the Wuthering Waves CBT 3 event, and for good reason. Its Echo ability allows you to transform into the Heron and slam the ground for absolutely massive Havoc Damage. During this transformation, you are considered Airborne, meaning you can completely avoid grounded attacks while attacking with this Echo.

Most importantly, though, is its ability to grant your next character a strong 12% DMG (Damage) buff just by using an Outro Skill within 15 seconds of this ability. As a ‘4-cost’ Echo, it additionally comes with the largest possible stat weight in Wuthering Waves. Getting a CRIT-related stat, as a main stat, on this Echo guarantees you’re getting the highest value range for it.

Mech Abomination boss from the Official Launch Trailer in Wuthering Waves
Image via Kuro Games

Autopuppet Scout

Compared to the Impermance Heron, the ability of the Autopuppet Scout is considerably more basic but just as potent. Using this Echo’s ability causes you to spawn an Autopuppet that immediately body slams the ground for a meaty Glacio DMG AoE effect. This spawns ice walls around the impact area, which you can use to stave off attacks by simply hiding behind them.

The biggest use for this Echo was its third, unlisted ability to freeze enemies for a few seconds after use. In the last beta, this was incredibly useful for buying time or creating bigger windows for DPS opportunities against harder enemies. Autopuppet Scout is a ‘3-cost’ Echo, meaning its stat weights are a class down when compared to the Impermance Heron, but valuable nonetheless.


For any characters of the Havoc element, Crownless is one of, if not the best, Echos you can use for its ability. Activating Crownless causes you to transform into the boss and unleash a flurry of Havoc-infused attacks that deal considerable damage. However, the reason you use Crownless is for the massive buffs it grants to Havoc characters.

When Crownless is activated, it grants your active character 12% increased Havoc DMG and 12% increased Resonance Skill DMG for 15 seconds. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure you use a Havoc character with this Crownless due to these powerful buffs. Danjin, in particular, gains full benefit from the buffs and flows well into Crownless combos due to her own ability to unleash constant flurries of attacks. As a ‘4-cost’ Echo, it provides the largest stat weight in Wuthering Waves.

Female Main Character fighting Crownless in the Wuthering Waves Official Launch trailer.
Image via Kuro Games

Inferno Rider

Where’s Crownless is one of the best Echos to use for Havoc-element characters, Inferno Rider is one of the best for Fusion-elemental characters. When used, Inferno Rider provides numerous benefits. The first one to consider is its three-slash combo, all dealing significant Fusion DMG when hitting an enemy. The last hit, in particular, deals the most damage and activates two debuffs for the currently deployed character: 12% increased Fusion DMG, and 12% increased Basic Attack DMG. These buffs both last for 15 seconds, and are why you’d use Inferno Rider with a Fusion character like Encore.

Inferno Rider’s third and most impactful ability provides a big boost to exploration. When holding its Skill, you transform into Inferno Rider and can use its flaming motorcycle to transverse the landscape, Ghost Rider style. Once you find it, Inferno Rider is an easily farmable boss in Wuthering Waves, making farming this ‘4-cost’ Echo a breeze.

Thundering Memphis

Thundering Memphis functions very similarly to Crownless and Inferno Rider in terms of its ability but for Electro characters instead. Using its ability begins a six-hit combo which you can interrupt at any given moment. Each hit deals solid Electro DMG, with the final hit dealing the most. As with Inferno Rider, this final hit triggers two different buffs, one that buffs up Electro DMG by 12%, and another that boosts Resonance Liberation DMG by 12%, both for 15 seconds.

For characters like Calcharo, Thundering Memphis is a natural fit due to these buffs, but also because Calcharo’s attacks flow well into Thundering Memphis’ combos. You might be starting to see a pattern now. Thundering Memphis is a ‘4-cost’ Echo, and can be easily farmed once you find the boss in the overworld.

The Main Character about to use his absorption power in the Official Launch Trailer of Wuthering Waves
Image via Kuro Games

Tempest Memphis

As the name of this Echo suggests, Tempest Memphis is very similar to Thunder Memphis with two main changes in their functionality. First, the combo it uses is faster and different from Thundering Memphis but still has the same end result: it activates two buffs after its final hit. Second, while one of its buffs is the same (Electro DMG bonus), Tempest Memphis provides a 12% boost to Heavy Attack DMG instead of Resonance Liberation. Like its above cousin, Tempest Memphis is a ‘4-cost’ Echo and can be farmed once found in the overworld.

Feilian Beringal

Feilian Berginal is similar to the last few Echos on this list, but one place where it really differs is how it delivers its attack combo. When using Feilian Beringal, you transform into a giant ape and deliver a two-hit kick-combo that deals massive AERO damage with little delay. On top of this burst damage, if you swap to a different character after activating this Echo’s ability, you’re left in mid-air. This allows you to perform a plunging attack without jumping yourself, and I found great value in this burst setup when facing Wuthering Wave’s Hologram bosses.

When the second hit lands on a target, it provides a 12% increase to Aero DMG and a 12% increase to Heavy Attack DMG, perfect for characters like Jianxin, who actively uses both during combat. Feilian Beringal is a ‘4-cost’ Echo, and like the others mentioned above, can be farmed easily when found in the overworld.

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