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Best Cero path in Type Soul



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The monstrous Hollows harness a unique ability to transform into the Arrancar. This technique opens various Cero paths, each providing a unique power. Here is the best Cero path to use in Type Soul

What is the best Cero path in Type Soul?

Of all the abilities, Cero Cornea is the best Cero path in Type Soul due to its heavy damage rates and versatile range. When active, players can move a circular radius to anywhere they desire, blasting the enemies into oblivion on impact. It can be placed up close or at a distance, perfect for any scenario.

Hollow race in Type Soul
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Following closely behind the Cero Cornea is the Tri-Cero. This power illuminates the battlefield with its three lethal beams, inflicting damage on the left, right, and center positions. It covers a significant portion of the area and can be even more devastating when combined with Kendo powers (similar to Cero Cornea). 

Type Soul Cero path tier list

We’ve compiled a tier list for a comprehensive view of all Cero paths in Type Soul. This list ranks the Cero paths based on their effectiveness and versatility, providing you with a guide to choosing the best path for your playstyle.

S Tier

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

While Tri-Cero and Cero Cornea dominate the field, the other Cero paths cater to specific playstyles, offering a variety of choices. For instance, Cero Grab is a boon for melee users, allowing them to seize an enemy and deliver a fiery blow. On the other hand, Blade Cero is a precision striker’s dream, unleashing a brutal attack in a single line. 

Even if Finger Cero is in the C tier, it can still be considered one of the best paths to use in Type Soul. Its speed and counters make up for its weaker damage rates. You’ll likely need to practice around with Finger Cero to get the hang of it, giving you more power in the palm of your hands. 

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