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As Type Soul has received more updates recently, the total number of possible Bankai options has increased by quite a bit since its release. With some recent balance changes as well, some Bankai are certainly better than others. We’ve put together this Bankai Tier List for Type Soul so you know which ones to pick up including all rarities.

Full Element Bankai Tier List

Bankai Tier List

We’ve put together this Bankai Tier List for Type Soul to highlight the best elements to roll for as a Bankai. Keep in mind that Bankai and Shikai share the same elements, but this tier list focuses exclusively on each element’s power potential for Bankai in particular. We’ve taken into consideration the level of power compared to its rarity as well, including Common, Rare, Legendary, and newly introduced Mythic.

As such, what might be an S Tier for Bankai may be a D Tier for Shikai, and vice versa. While there is some overlap, overall you should consider the power of each element as it applies specifically to Bankai with this tier list. For example, the only Mythic element, Benihimi, is extremely powerful as Shikai. But as Bankai, it’s a bit lackluster and does not feel representative of the only Mythic element.

Here is our updated Bankai Tier List for Type Soul as of May 2024:

S Tier

  • Blood (Legendary)
  • Flower (Legendary)
  • Ink (Legendary)
  • Lightning (Common)

A Tier

  • Fire (Rare)
  • Theatre (Legendary)
  • Water (Common)
  • Wind (Rare)

B Tier

  • Benihime (Mythic)
  • Creation (Common)
  • Shadow (Common)
  • Suzemebachi (Legendary)

C Tier

  • Berserk (Common)
  • Zangetsu (Rare)

D Tier

  • Confusion (Common)
  • Judgment (Rare)
  • Poison (Rare)

Bankai Element Rarities

Typically the rarity of each element for Bankai is indicative of its overall power. However, it also constitutes the actual chance of obtaining that element when rerolling. Here’s all the current rarities and their respective obtain chances for all Bankai elements:

  • Common – 86.5%
  • Rare – 10%
  • Legendary – 3%
  • Mythic – 0.5%

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