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ARM-based processors are coming for traditional PC gaming so we’ve tested Apple’s ARM-y MacBook silicon to see how well it plays games in 2024



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We’ve all incurred the wrath of the IT department of a major UK newspaper group subsidiary by organising games of Cro Mag Rally over a network of Apple G4 Cubes while we were supposed to be working, haven’t we? Just me? Okay. Mac gaming is definitely not as popular as the PC variety, but it still hangs on. It almost looked at one point, when early Xbox 360 devkits were presented as Apple G5 towers, that the Mac might even be in for a gaming renaissance, but it never came to pass.

Macs ran on Intel chips for a long time, but since the switch to Apple’s own adapted ARM designs, the M-series, playing games on them has faced a further challenge: It’s not just the operating system that’s different to Windows, but the underlying architecture differs from PCs, too. 

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