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All vending machine locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 – Destructoid



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Finding vending machines in Fortnite has multiple purposes, from purchasing useful weapons and items to helping you complete quests. If you want to grab a quick weapon at the start of a match or get some experience toward an ongoing battle pass, knowing where to find some vending machines and how to use them will help.

Vending machine locations and map in Fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2, you can find vending machines in nearly every named location around the map. Below is a map of every vending machine location.

Fortnite vending machine map locations
Screenshot by Destructoid

Some areas, like The Underworld, Grim Gate, and Mount Olympus, don’t have vending machines. However, outside of these spots, you can find several, with areas like Reckless Railways, Snooty Steppes, and Grand Glacier having several nearby. If you prefer avoiding busy places, you can also visit unnamed spots and hope someone doesn’t have the same idea.

If you’re near a vending machine, you’ll start to see its icon on your minigame, indicating its exact location. From here, you’ll know you’ve found one when you spot a player-sized machine you can interact with.

To use a vending machine, interact with it to bring up its menu. In exchange for gold, you can purchase weapons or use Mending Machine Patch Up services to restore your health. Although you can find guns and health around the Fortnite map, using a vending machine’s services can help save you time and potentially net you a high-quality weapon if you’re lucky. You can also buy ammo if you’re running low, making it a solid alternative to looking around for ammo boxes or hoping you run into another player.

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