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All Storm Chasers rewards and how to get them fast in Warzone Mobile



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Warzone Mobile’s Storm Chasers event unveils a collection of electrifying rewards. Unlike some Call of Duty items, these unique gifts can be earned entirely for free. Here’s a sneak peek into Storm Chasers rewards and how to get them fast in Warzone Mobile.

How to earn Storm Chasers rewards fast in Warzone Mobile

Strategically earning Event Points (EP) or High Voltage Badges is the key to unlocking rewards in the Warzone Mobile Storm Chasers event. While you can play any Battle Royale or Multiplayer Playlist to earn them, mastering a few efficient methods can significantly speed up your progress. Explore these tactics to boost EP in Warzone Mobile:

  • Participate in High Voltage mode
  • Get Zapped in High Voltage
  • Use Tactical Boosts
  • Have two UAV towers activated at the same time
  • Open Supply Boxes
  • Open two Supply Boxes with Speed Boost in 30 seconds
  • Complete Contracts
  • Have a squad activate two towers in less than ten seconds
  • Deal 50 damage in Multiplayer
  • Get eliminations with Fire Boost

Even though you can play any mode for the Storm Chasers event, starting with High Voltage is best. It’s a 10-minute round where the last team standing wins. Lightning bolts will strike you here, earning you the ‘Get Zapped’ objective. Not only will it provide Operators with EP, but it will also grant them a free perk. Specifically, the Speed Boost can be activated, which is perfect for the next objective of opening two Supply Boxes. 

High Voltage in Warzone Mobile
Screenshot by Destructoid

Most tasks in the Event Action section are relatively easy to complete, especially activating UAV Towers. The three objectives, Get Zapped, Eliminations with Fire Boost, and Contract, will also lend out Tactical Boosts. These boosts are temporary enhancements to get more EP quickly. However, Contracts take up more time than any other objective. 

Remember, the Warzone Mobile Storm Chasers event is a limited-time opportunity, set to conclude on May 16, 2024. So, ensure you amass enough EP before this thrilling event draws to a close. 

All Storm Chasers rewards in Warzone Mobile

Players can earn the following rewards in the Warzone Mobile Storm Chasers event:

You can use the High Voltage Badges in the Event Store to get even more rewards. For instance, five badges earn you the Lightning Burnout Vehicle Skin.

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