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All Sports Car locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 – Destructoid



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Getting around the Fortnite map on foot is a long and dangerous journey if you’re traveling through busy landmarks. Fortunately, if you don’t have any traversal items on you, hopping in a car and driving around has its perks. Here’s how to find a sports car in Fortnite.

How to find a Sports Car in Fortnite

You can find sports cars in nearly every named landmark around the Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2 map, with several unnamed areas also having several car spawns. Below is a map of every sports car spawn location.

Fortnite sports car map
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Most major points of interest have at least one or two nearby car spawns, except Brawler’s Battleground, making them pretty accessible. If you want to guarantee that you’ll find a sports car early on, visiting locations like Reckless Railways, Lavish Lair, or Snooty Steppes is your best bet. Alternatively, you can land at any gas station, as most stations have at least one or two cars in their parking lot.

Once you find your car, you can interact with it to hop in the driver’s seat and drive around. If you’re in a squad, someone can sit in the passenger seat, with other players standing on the hood if they’d like. Cars also temporarily protect you from damage at the risk of them exploding if they run out of health, so keep an eye on their HP bar and watch for any incoming enemies.

Fortnite sports car fuel
Screenshot by Destructoid

Unlike larger vehicles in Fortnite, sports cars are small and fast, allowing you to quickly zip around the map before running out of fuel. Once you run out of fuel, you’ll have to visit a gas station or risk being stranded out in the world. Although this just means you’ll have to travel on foot, arriving near a station or another car will help you keep things fast-paced.

Alongside getting around the map faster, you can also use sports cars to complete multiple quests. Any quest that asks you to travel certain distances can often be accomplished using vehicles. Occasionally, you’ll find event missions asking you to drive a sports car in different named locations, delivering it to specific characters, or destroying objects with one, among others. Completing these gives you easy XP points and occasional event rewards, making it worthwhile to check your quest list for new car-related objectives.

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