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All Salsa Contest rewards and milestones



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Another iteration of Monopoly GO’s Salsa Contest tournament is here for an extra day. Although you can’t get any more Nocturnal Treasures pickaxes or rewards, there’s still plenty of dice, stickers, and cash to claim. Here’s the complete list of Salsa Contest tournament rewards.

All Monopoly GO Salsa Contest tournament rewards and milestones

Monopoly GO’s Salsa Contest tournament has 30 rewards to obtain until May 9, 2024. During this tournament, you can obtain up to 6,990 dice, five sticker packs, and numerous cash bundles to help with your landmark upgrades. Below is Monopoly GO’s Salsa Contest tournament rewards list.

Tournament Level Points Required Rewards
1 75 35 Dice Rolls
2 55 10 minutes of Rent Frenzy
3 140 Cash
4 180 85 Dice Rolls
5 160 One-Star Sticker Pack
6 250 Five minutes of High Roller
7 380 170 Dice Rolls
8 450 Cash
9 420 200 Dice Rolls
10 550 Two-Star Sticker Pack
11 650 Cash
12 725 Three-Star Sticker Pack
13 800 350 Dice Rolls
14 775 Cash
15 850 Four-Star Sticker Pack
16 900 350 Dice Rolls
17 1,000 15 minutes of Cash Grab
18 1,100 Cash
19 1,300 500 Dice Rolls
20 1,500 Four-Star Sticker Pack
21 1,800 Cash
22 2,000 Cash
23 2,300 900 Dice Rolls
24 2,600 20 minutes of High Roller
25 3,000 Cash
26 3,300 1,200 Dice Rolls
27 3,500 Cash
28 4,000 1,400 Dice Rolls
29 5,000 Cash
30 5,500 1,800 Dice Rolls

Salsa Contest’s leaderboard rewards also allow you to win extra prizes on top of any milestones you obtain. However, these leaderboard rewards appear after the tournament ends, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your points and ranking if you’re aiming to get the top spot. First place nets you a few thousand dice, a high-value sticker pack, and a massive cash prize, with lower ranks getting some dice and cash as a participation ribbon.

How to score points in the Monopoly GO Salsa Contest tournament

Scoring points during the Salsa Contest tournament requires landing on railroad tiles. Each time you land on a railroad spot, you’ll activate a Landmark Shutdown or Bank Heist, with their outcomes determining the points you receive. Below are the base point values for each railroad minigame outcome:

  • Shutdown – Blocked: Two points
  • Shutdown – Success: Four points
  • Bank Heist – Small: Four points
  • Bank Heist – Large: Six points
  • Bank Heist – Bankrupt: Eight points

These points scale with your dice multiplier, allowing you to skyrocket through Salsa Contest’s milestones and leaderboard rankings if you have enough dice to sustain your rolls. Using events like Lucha Libre Loot and resources like free dice roll links, as well as taking advantage of features like sticker album prizes and landmark upgrade rewards, is the key to getting enough dice for your rolls.

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