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Monopoly GO’s latest Partners event, Robo Partners, is here for the next five days. During this event, you’ll pair up with up to three other players and collect points to build a robot. As you reach certain milestones, you’ll receive rewards, ranging from a few hundred dice to a Wild Sticker and exclusive token.

All Monopoly GO Robo Partners event rewards and milestones

From now until May 21, Monopoly GO’s Robo Partners event allows you to win five milestone rewards with each partner and a final grand prize after completing all four robots. While the first tier gives you 200 dice per partner, they scale quickly, with the last milestone providing over 400 dice and a four-star sticker pack. Below is a complete list of every Robo Partners event reward.

Event Milestone Points Needed Rewards
1 2,500 200 Dice
2 8,500 Cash
3 21,500 Cash
200-300 Dice
Cash Boost
4 48,000 300-500 Dice
Three-Star Sticker Pack
High Roller
5 80,000 Cash
400-600 Dice
Four-Star Sticker Pack
15 minutes of Cash Boost
Grand Prize 320,000
(All four spots complete)
5,000 Dice
Robo Penguin token
Wild Sticker

Since you can receive each prize up to four times, you can get a minimum of 9,400 dice, eight sticker packs, and one Wild Sticker if you complete the entire event, making participating worthwhile if you have friends or family that actively play Monopoly GO.

How to find partners for the Robo Partners event

Finding partners during Monopoly GO’s Robo Partners event requires heading into the event’s menu, picking one of your empty spots, and inviting someone to join. If someone has already asked you, you’ll find options to accept or decline their offer. Otherwise, you’ll find your list of friends here, whom you can invite and await their response.

Monopoly GO Robo Partners event spaces
Screenshot by Destructoid

Alternatively, you can invite random players to join through this menu. However, there is a chance they won’t participate at all, so be careful with who you ask to join you in the event. You also can’t remove partners once they accept your invite, so your choices are final.

How to score points during the Robo Partners event

Scoring points during Robo Partners requires collecting event tokens and spinning your Partner spot points wheel. As you gain tokens, you can select one of your Partner event robots to find your and your partner’s current points alongside a points wheel. You’ll gain a random number of points by spinning this wheel, contributing to your milestone progression. You can also change your multiplier to earn more points by using more tokens per spin.

To gain more tokens for the Robo Partners points wheel, you must participate in tournaments and banner events, finish your daily quick wins, and redeem shop gifts. Over time, you’ll gain hundreds, potentially thousands, of tokens to use during the Partners event, allowing you to claim its milestone and snowball your progress.

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