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All resources and reagents in Hades 2 Early Access and where to find them



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Progressing the story of Hades 2 means gathering materials required for upgrades and incantations. These reagents are many, and finding them all will take time. Some may not even be available until you reach late-game content. Here’s every resource and reagent in Hades 2 Early Access, and how to find them.

all resources reagents in Hades 2 Early Access and where to find them
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All resources and reagents in Hades 2 and where to find them

Our list of resources in Hades 2 is extensive, but by no means exhaustive. Hades 2 is a big game, and many resources are siloed to late-game Regions. We’ll go over all the ones we’ve found so far, along with where to find them.

Since Hades 2 is in Early Access, expect this list to change and expand over time. Be sure to return to this page often, especially following updates. We’re also still making our way through the game, so more reagents may join the list before you know it. Good luck gathering what you need.

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