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107 Elden Ring bosses, ranked



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It would be ridiculous to rank every single boss in Elden Ring. There are over 300 enemies that could count as bosses, but a good number of them repeat in some form. Speedrunners go with all 165 enemies that have their own boss health bar and name. If you cut out the similar ones from their list, you’re left with 107. That’s reasonable enough for me. Let’s rank them.

The ranks below were not democratically decided by every member of the PC Gamer team who has played Elden Ring, because there’d have been no one left to run the website while we argued. This is my ranking. Some of these bosses gave me a lot of trouble, but they might not have for you. It’s a vibes-based criteria that takes into account my first impression of each boss and how much they’ve sat with me since finishing the game.

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