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10 Best Scary Minecraft Mods



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There are plenty of ways to spice up your Minecraft gameplay. However, if you’re looking for a horrific experience, you’re likely not going to find it in the base game. It’s rated E10+ for a reason — it’s safe for kids to play without scary images and graphic violence.

But, for those of us who want a more intense, heart-pounding experience, there are tons of mods to choose from to make a scary gameplay experience. No matter what kind of horror you’re looking for, someone in the modding community has got you covered with their own scary mod.

1. The Legend of Herobrine Mod

What would Minecraft horror be today without the original creepypasta Herobrine? This spooky mod adds the infamous Herobrine character to the game but keeps the adventure and atmosphere otherwise similar to vanilla gameplay.

Herobrine has been a famous figure in the commnunity since Minecraft came out, beginning as a creepypasta where a mysterious figure would sometimes appear on your server and haunt you. The Legend of Herobrine mod is by far one of the most popular Herobrine mods for the game and keeps the original story of Herobrine alive by creating the same foreboding atmosphere the creepypasta has.

Image via predator97427fr

2. Horror Elements

If you’re fed up with having to use Redstone as blood in your Minecraft builds, then you need the Horror Elements mod. This mod adds tons of creepy atmosphere to your game, where your maps will now spawn with spooky buildings and horrific elements. You’ll find sacrificial shrines, corpses, and more bloody scenes spawned across the map whether you’re in creative or survival. This mod lets you stumble on some truly scary content while you’re out exploring.

3. The Hordes

While zombies are already present in Minecraft, The Hordes mod ups the danger by making the zombie virus contagious and sending hordes of the undead after you. If you or any other players and hit by a zombie, you’ll be infected and either become a zombie yourself of perish. At night, you’ll be faced with massive hordes of zombies coming after you. It’s perfect to live your zombie apocalypse fantasy, and makes zombies much more dangerous to encounter instead of them being just any other mob.

Image via M_Productions

4. The Man From The Fog

Another mod that adds a creepy entity to your game, The Man From The Fog lets you face the titular Man From The Fog. This is a mob that will stop at nothing to attack you so long as you don’t pay attention to him. The mod also adds some creepy music each time you encounter him, ramping up the fear as much as it can, and that’s not even mentioning how creepy the design is for the mob. The Man From The Fog mod is a great addition to any horror lover’s server.

5. Scape and Run: Parasites

If you’re looking for constant danger, Scape and Run: Parasites is a great mod to satiate your desire. This mod adds tons of parasitic mods to your game, that don’t burn in the daylight and can spawn anywhere. The creature designs are great, and you can even encounter a massive mob called the Ancient Overlord, which is reminiscent of the Mind Flayer from Stranger Things. If you enjoyed Season 3 of the popular Netflix show, you’ll love this mod.

Image via gus

6. The Box of Horrors

There are plenty of famous horror icons out there, and this mod adds all of them to your Minecraft server. The Box of Horrors mod adds mobs of tons of horror characters, including Pyramid Head, Ben Drowned, Backrooms Entities, and the pictured Sirenhead. These mobs will be able to be encountered anywhere in your server, and they’re incredibly dangerous. This mod is fantastic for adding some of the most horrific monsters ever created to your game, and adds the chance to run into any of these terrifying foes at any turn.

7. The John Reborn

Based on the original John mod from 2011, The John Reborn adds a terrifying mob known only as John. Its origins are completely unknown, but it is incredibly dangerous. Under the light of the full moon, something even more terrifying has the chance to be spawned, a massive and horrific creature known as the Mega John. This beast is huge, and can be heard from hundreds of blocks away. You’ll need to be well prepared to take this mob on, such as the best bow enchantment. This mod has stuck around for so long for a good reason.

Image via commander_wasp

8. SCP: Lockdown

The famous SCP Foundation has been going strong on the internet for years now, and the SCP: Lockdown mod adds this universe to your Minecraft game. When out exploring, you can now stumble across an SCP facility in any of your survival seeds, complete with new mobs based on some of the horrifying entities. It also includes new blocks to explore inside the labs you’ll find, making for a truly immersive horror experience. It’s a great way to experience the SCP Foundation universe.

9. Whispers of the Wendigo

Being stuck in freezing snow is already creepy enough without a dangerous creature stalking you, but the Whispers of the Wendigo mod gives you just this. Whenever you enter a Snowy or normal Taiga biome, you’ll be stalked and hunted by the terrifying Wendigo. You’re able to fight back with rifles that can sometimes be found in log cabins, but sometimes you’ll just stumble across the Wendigo’s previous victims instead. Wendigos have become one of the creepiest monsters in the world after coming to popularity, and this mod brings them straight to your server.

Image via croissantnova

10. Sanity: Descent Into Madness

This mod adds a whole new mechanic to the game: the sanity meter from Don’t Starve. The Sanity: Descent Into Madness mod makes it necessary to keep your sanity at acceptable levels, or else you’ll begin to see horrific creatures. Your vision will begin to distort, you’ll start to hear things, and the monsters that your mind is creating will begin to attack you. This mod really changes how you play the game, as you need to be aware of this vital stat and keep it high or else you’ll be in danger.

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